12/16/2019 By The LunarCrush Team

When it comes to trading, seconds matter. Things can change in an instant within the cryptocurrency markets. In order to give our customers the highest competitive advantage possible, we are announcing the LunarCRUSH websocket API, aptly named: LUNARSTREAM™.

Our social listening systems are parsing the internet for crypto specific data 24 hours a day. We utilize hand-trained machine learning algorithms to clean and organize content like social posts or news, and what we end up with is the largest single source or cryptocurrency community data available in the world today.

With LUNARSTREAM™, you can now access this data when it happens. Unlike traditional stock markets, cryptocurrencies markets are driven by social and community data. With LunarCRUSH, you have access to this data historically, and up until now, every hour. You now have access to the data in real time.

Create signals for your trading bot, add a social section to your exchange, or feed your hedge funds' own learning algorithms with critical value added content, welcome to the worlds first cryptocurrency social waterfall, LUNARSTREAM™.