7/1/2019 By The LunarCrush Team

The LunarCRUSH Enterprise API was officially launched on July 1. With over 100 million pieces of social content and counting across 14 major data points, the Enterprise scaled API will be utilized by Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets, Hedge Funds, Trading Bots, Research Firms, and custom decentralized applications to further enhance the crypto economy.

14 Major Data Points Designed from 100 million Pieces of Content available include:

AltRank is a proprietary measurement combining altcoin price performance relative to Bitcoin along with measuring the difference in social activity indicators between all coins.

Average Sentiment utilizes our proprietary machine learning algorithm to identify how people are feeling about individual coins, and the market overall.

Bearish Sentiment looks specifically at negative content and measures its increase or decrease over time. It is possible for Bearish and Bullish Sentiment to rise simultaneously.

Bullish Sentiment looks specifically at positive content and measures its increase or decrease over time. An example of Bullish Sentiment would be a Tweet that says, "Snagged some $BTC at $7,500, to the moon!"

Correlation Rank aggregates all of our combined data points and accesses whether they are moving with causation or correlation. This helps identify if outliers in the data set or if all indicators are moving together, a clear sign of direction.

Galaxy Score™ is a combined performance indicator taking all of our major data points into consideration. This is a proprietary score helping to identify the overall health of a coin at that moment. By including not only Price Score and traditional technical analysis, but rich social data trained by machine learning, the Galaxy Score is a true indicator of whether a coin could move in price.

Price Score™ uses the most efficient back-tested traditional technical analysis to identify momentum.

Search Popularity analyzes search engines looking for increases or decreases in a coins search momentum against its previously searched traffic.

Social Engagement summates social activity across all platforms measuring how much interaction a piece of original content receives.

Social Volume is the absolute total amount of activity across all platforms. Looking at pure quantity of content.

Shared Links are pieces of content which include a link to content outside of the original piece. For example, a Reddit Post with a link to a Crypto Blog post would be a shared link.

News Volume aggregates any piece of content that is distributed by notable and relevant news sources within the cryptocurrency industry. In order for a piece of content to qualify as news, the organization much have a significant track record or publishing.

Spam Volume aggregates and totals any pieces of content identified by our machine learning as spam. Spam is easily recognizable as multiple pieces of similar content by accounts without significant track records of original content.

Volatility is a standard measure looking at standard deviations of price fluctuations against each other over time. This helps determine whether price movements are happening violently or calmly.